Personal Watercraft Rescue Operations


Hours: 16 Hours


Initial Certification Course Cost: $185.00   ** Recertification Course Cost: FREE for Life


Designed For: Water rescue personnel


Description: This course provides the skills needed to operate a personal watercraft (PWC) and perform rescue in river and flood situations. Safety, course philosophy, and PWC terminology are covered. "In water" experiences for students include how to read dynamics flow for safety travel, perform self-rescue and victim-rescue operations, along with executing pre/post inspections of the PWC.



  • Adequate health insurance coverage
  • 18 years of age
  • Completion of the  Boating and Waterways Course  ONLINE COURSE  
  • Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Level I and II or *** Equivalent
  • Basic swimming ability
  • In good physical condition


Equipment Needed:

  • Full wetsuit or drysuit and fleece undergarments
  • Lightweight water or kayak helmet with headlamp
  • USCG Type III or V approved lifejacket/ PFD with waterproof whistle
  • Thick-soled water booties or tennis shoes
  • Gloves are optional but helpful in cold water


Certification: Personal Watercraft Rescue Operations 


Class Size: Varies with Course.


NOTE:  All students MUST complete the Boating and Waterways Safety Course Prior to the first day of the course.


 ** Any student who has previously attended this course with Specialized Fire & Rescue Training can attend as a recertification  ever two years at no cost.

 *** Any Technician Level Water Rescue Class (RFWRT, SRT1) within 3 years.